SocialSnap Resource Center

Welcome to our resource center. Here you will find an ever-growing variety of information to help you better understand social media analytics, and the Social Snap application. If you don't find what you are looking for, please ask. We are here to help.


Here are links to some of our favorite content on social meadia measurement and related topics.

White Papers, Presentations, and Reports

A selection of various white papers and reports and other documents about social media analytics and related topics.

  • Quick Guide to Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+

    A concise, highly practical overview of three powerful new SM marketing channels: Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. This document provides an at-a-glance summary of the best ways to exploit these channels effectively in your SM marketing campaigns.
  • SMX 2012 -- Social Media Measurement: From Reach to ROI

    Nan Dawkins' presentation from SMX-2012 in Las Vegas, covering the ways that social media metrics can build a practical, convincing business case for connecting SM investments to increased ROI.
  • Social Snap's Quick Guide to Tumblr

    What's the secret to Tumblr? Learn more from this presentation on ways to use Tumblr effectively in your social marketing mix.
  • Social Snap's Quick Guide to Pinterest

    In Pintyerest in your social marketing mix? This presentation covers the reasons why you consider it, and shows some ways it can be a valuable channel.
  • Social Snap's Quick Guide to Google+

    Have you identified Google+ as the next social channel to add to your mix? This presentaiton will help to ensure that you get it right.
  • Meaningful Social Media Measurement

    A white paper from the Social Snap development team, addressing the many issues of credibility, accuracy and relevance associated with the steadily increasing flood of metrics now available for social media data.
  • Facebook Metrics Cheat Sheet.

    Every metric you can get from Facebook, and where you can find it: Social Snap's free white-paper is your Facebook Metrics Cheat Sheet.

Handy Tools

Here is a free tool that you may find useful in planning and executing your next social-media marketing campaign.

  • Social Snap's free URL-Tracker

    A tool to help organize and keep track of those impenetrably complex shortened URLs that are used in many social-media campaigns. Try it!


How about a bit of levity? Here are a few humorous moments from our recent blog posts, as we continue our efforts to find the lighter side of social media measurement...

Social Snap is calling it quits on our SaaS business. In fact, we are now selling the source code to the entire platform on a non-exclusive, perpetual-license basis.

The Social Snap code base represents a major technical achievement that can be leveraged for many different types of products, offering a significantly shortened time-to-development for any company considering "buy vs build" of social media tools.

For more information on why we've come to this decision, read the blog post. For more information about how you can acquire a license to the source code, contact us.