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# How to Create an Invoice

Account · Last updated on May 8, 2018

Would you like to generate an invoice for your Social Snap purchase? In this step by step guide, we will walk you through how to create an invoice in your Social Snap Account.

First, log into your Social Snap Account and navigate to the Subscriptions tab.

Once there, you should see all of your Social Snap subscriptions. Under each Subscription, there’s Generate Invoice link, for each of your payment. For example, if you had 3 recurring payments and 1 initial payment, you would then have four Generate Invoice links, so you can generate invoices for each payment.

Generate Invoice

Next, click on the Generate Invoice link and fill in your billing details in the form.

Billing Details

When ready, click on the Save Billing Details & Generate Invoice button, which will generate invoice with the data filled through the form.

Invoice Example

That’s all. Print that page like any other web page.

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