Ways to encourage social sharing

10 Ways Social Snap Can Grow Your Blog Faster (And Easier)

Most bloggers know that Social Snap is great for adding social share buttons to WordPress websites. But the truth is…

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Social Snap hits 50k downloads

Social Snap Passes 50,000+ Downloads!

In less than a year of launching our WordPress social sharing plugin, Social Snap has surpassed 50,000 downloads.

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How to share old posts with Social Snap

How to Share Old Blog Posts with Social Snap

Time spent thinking of a new blog post? 2 hours. Time spent writing the new blog post? 3 hours. Time…

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Social Snap v1.1.4

Social Snap 1.1.4 — Social Warfare Migration Support, Improved Security & Share Counts

We’re excited to announced the latest version of Social Snap! Version 1.1.4 of Social Snap is now available via automatic…

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How to Recover Social Shares With Social Snap

How to Recover Social Share Counts with Social Snap!

We understand more than anyone how important share counts can mean to your site. As you attract new visitors to…

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Social Snap Hits 10K Downloads

Social Snap hits 10,000+ Downloads!

And just like that, we’ve hit another milestone just a few months after launching. We’ve already surpassed 10,000 downloads on…

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Introducing Social Snap

Introducing Social Snap!

After months and months of long nights and hard work, we’re excited to announce our latest and greatest WordPress project…

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