Grow Twitter Following
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How to grow Twitter following — Try these 11 ideas.

Whether you’re running a personal Twitter account or one for your business, investing time to grow your Twitter following is a cost-effective way to leverage brand awareness.

Not only will people be exposed to your company and its products or services but you can also engage with potential customers. Instead of only being able to engage with customers from your area, through Twitter, you can reach a global audience. Taking the time to connect with prospective customers on Twitter could most certainly generate revenue for your business.

However, if you arent familiar with Twitter, the social media platform can seem like it’s in a foreign language. Between hashtags, retweets, and GIFs, it can feel a little overwhelming. But once you get familiar with the platform, keeping up with retweeting and tweeting on a daily basis will become second nature.

Growing your Twitter following organically takes a lot of effort but it will definitely pay off. To help you get your following off the ground, we’ve created a list of tips to lead you in the right direction.

Grow Twitter Following
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1. Interact with others

By interacting with other Twitter users, they will be much more likely to pay attention to the content that you’re tweeting. This is especially true for large brands that don’t often take the time to connect with their customers. Engaging with other Twitter users will help you build your online community. This will then lead to exposure and increased brand awareness.

On Twitter, there are several ways that you can engage with other people. You can tweet your own content, retweet other users’ content, and mention other users in your tweets. On top of that, you can like other users’ tweets, follow other people, and even send direct messages.

It’s also smart to utilize micro-influencers on social media platforms, especially Twitter. By including them in your content, they could very well retweet the tweet so that it shows on their profile. This means that their entire following would see the tweet. Micro-influencers typically have around 100,000 followers. If you’re just getting your following started, consider engaging with any influencers with 50,000 followers or more.

It’s wise to follow other businesses and individuals that are in a similar industry. This will help garner exposure among users with the same interests and spending habits. 

2. Advertise your Twitter account though your other social media channels

If you have a decent following on your personal or business’s social accounts. E.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Instagram, don’t be afraid to advertise your Twitter account through the other platforms.

This is a super simple way to grow Twitter following with minimal effort. All you need to do is put out a CTA (call to action) that tells your current followers on the other platforms to follow your Twitter account.

It’s also imperative to have your business’s Twitter linked on your website. Thay way website visitors can easily click the icon to go to your Twitter account. Along with your Twitter account, you should have icons that lead to all of your other social media profiles.

3. Post quality content to grow Twitter following

Whatever you do, don’t just post the first thing that comes to mind when you open the app. Instead, take the time to carefully curate the content that your personal or business account is creating. If you start posting too much unimportant information, you risk losing followers. Try to develop tweets with enticing visuals like images, GIFs, and videos that are accompanied by concise, well-written anecdotes.

If possible, try to include some humor in your tweets or valuable information that will ensure other Twitter users learn something from your content. This will keep your followers hungry for more.

Paying attention and tracking your follower count is a great way to determine what content users are responding well to. If you tweet something very out of the ordinary and notice that you lose hundreds of followers from it, avoid posting similar content in the future. However, if you post something and gain numerous followers, be sure to create posts like that more often.

A simple way to create content is to take longer-form content from your company blog and breaking it down into smaller threads. This will help you grow your blog traffic increase, while you grow your Twitter following. A win-win.

4. Tweet frequently

It’s also crucial to tweet consistently but not too often. As a general rule of thumb, business accounts looking to grow Twitter following should tweet anywhere from three to six times per day. If you post much more than that, chances are your content isn’t as valuable and thoughtfully curated as it should be. Businesses should also reply to tweets they are mentioned in and their direct messages in a prompt manner or else it could be off-putting for customers trying to get your attention.

When it comes to Twitter, the best time to post content is early in the morning on weekdays, between 7 to 9 a.m.

In order to stay on top of your business’s Twitter, signing up for a scheduling platform can prove to be very helpful. Social Snap allows you to schedule Twitter posts days and weeks in advance. You can also do the same for Facebook and LinkedIn through Social Snap. Using the same social media scheduling platform for all of your accounts will keep you organized.

5. Post visual content

While it’s fun to read hours and hours of text-only tweets, there’s nothing better than finding an interesting video clip or exciting image to send to your friends or family members. The general rule on Twitter is that tweets with an image or video tend to get many more shares, likes, and retweets. For this reason alone, your business should prioritize the creation of visual content.

Before sending a tweet into the Twitter-sphere, find a relevant image to accompany the content in the tweet. This will discourage Twitter users from mindlessly scrolling past your tweet and will capture their attention mid-scroll.

Visual content is certainly not limited to relevant images. GIFs and infographics are also great for grabbing the attention of others. If your business has some extra money in its marketing budget, consider hiring a videographer or a photographer to create one-of-a-kind visual content to accompany your tweets.

6. Grow your Twitter following by utilizing hashtags

A hashtag is much, much more than a symbol on your keyboard. In terms of social media, a hashtag is a user-generated keyword or short phrase that enables the cross-referencing of your content. For example, if you create a tweet about your business’s upcoming sale, it would be wise to use the hashtag #sale. This way Twitter users, along with yourself, can explore other relevant tweets about sales. This is a great way to increase the exposure and audience that views your content.

If you’re unsure of trending hashtags or what to hashtag on your content, you can find the top hashtags each month with a simple Google search. But it’s always safe to hashtag the keywords already included in your content.

7. Master the art of tagging, replying, and retweeting

Regularly engaging with your followers, micro-influencers, and other businesses is an easy way to increase your following and audience without looking like you’re trying too hard. If your business sells products that can be used for cooking, spend time researching influencers and Twitter users who have a passion for food or a following of foodies. There’s always a chance that the influencer will retweet your post or reply, which will show up on their profile, resulting in more followers for your account.

Taking the time to reply to those who tweet at you or retweeting their tweets is a good way to show the Twitter sphere that your account is run by a human and not a robot.

If you’re tweeting at other brands or influencers in hopes to get attention, you’ll need to thoughtfully craft the content so that they feel the need to reply or retweet. Like mentioned earlier, humor is always a hit when appropriate. Otherwise, try to think of something that is thought-provoking or insightful.

Creating meaningful virtual relationships with influencers on Twitter will not only expand your audience but it will also build trust with your new follower.s

8. Create a welcoming and inviting profile

Everyone’s personal Twitter account or business account should always include the following: a biography written with SEO keywords in-mind, an attention-grabbing photo, your real name or your business’s full name, a captivating header image, and the URL to your business’s website or portfolio.

Business accounts should use images that reflect their brand and be sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in any of the information on the profile. Images found on a business’s Twitter account should be updated frequently, especially if they are of products. Dated images won’t make your business look very good to Twitter users.

When creating your Twitter profile, think of it as a business card. It should contain all of the necessary information and contact details.

9. Identify followers within your network

Syncing your business’s contact list to your business’s Twitter account is a really easy way to gain followers that you already know. Once your synced contacts are on Twitter, your business’s account has a way better chance of being featured in the “Who to Follow” section for other users. Syncing your contacts to Twitter is essentially low-hanging fruit.

10. Utilize a trustworthy social media plugin

With over 250,000 downloads, Social Snap is the leading social media plugin. It allows you to control how other users share and view your content.

This WordPress social media plugin can help you increase your engagement and follower count, and can automatically post pre-scheduled tweets. This is exceedingly helpful for those running a business with a million tasks on the go at all times.

It’s easy for social media to get put on the back burner unless you use a scheduling platform. Social Snap also allows Twitter users to access advanced analytics so that they can find out what type of content is working and what isn’t.

The social media plugin also allows Twitter users to boost older posts, allow prospective customers to log into your company’s website through their social media platforms, improve your business’s SEO, choose how your posts are displayed on social networks, and even encourage other users to tweet your quotes with beautiful Click to Tweet boxes.

This is an easy way for others to share your business’s key messages.

11. Find followers outside of Twitter

Along with adding a link to your business’s Twitter account on the top or bottom of your website, there are several other ways you can show customers that you’re on Twitter. When you send out newsletter campaigns, include a click-through Twitter icon at the bottom with a call to action that suggests for customers to follow your account. Businesses should also include their Twitter handle in their company’s Instagram bio and Facebook “about” section. This way people who prefer Twitter over the other social media following platforms can find you there instead.

Your business’s @ handle should also be included on all internal and external emails, receipts, menus, business cards, and all other offline collateral.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your social media following, check out Social Snap. The plugin offers users a collection of tools at the affordable price of one social plugin. If you’re looking to grow your Twitter following and want to learn more about how Social Snap can help, give us a try today.

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Written by Branko

Branko is the Co-Founder of Social Snap and HB-Themes. He focuses on pixel perfect design and frontend development.

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