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# How to Install & Setup the Social Auto-Poster Addon

Addons · Last updated on August 4, 2018

With Social Auto-Poster, you can automatically share your content across multiple social networks at the same time! In other words, when you click publish, automatically share across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more! Save time having to post across every platform and watch the traffic flow in.

  1. Installation & Setup
  2. Connecting Social Networks
  3. General Settings
  4. Individual Post Settings
  5. Activity Log
  6. Troubleshooting


Social Auto-Poster Addon installation method is described in our How to Install Social Snap Addons tutorial.

Setup and configuration

When the addon is installed and activated, visit Social Snap » Settings » Social Auto-Poster to continue the setup.

Initially (or in case you do not have any accounts connected), you will be asked to connect at least one social account before other options are displayed. Click Add Account and a popup will appear asking you to choose which network provider you’d like to connect.

Connecting Social Networks

Important: Facebook has made a change to their API so that third-party apps don’t have permission to automatically share posts to Facebook Pages and Profiles. This affects the Social Auto-Poster addon. If you have any questions regarding the new API, please head to Facebook Help Community.

You can connect Social Auto-Poster Addon to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Please follow our step-by-step guides to set up an app for your social network if you don’t already have one. This will give you API credentials to enter into the Social Auto-Poster settings page to connect to the selected social network.

Step-by-step Guides: How to Setup Twitter App, How to Setup LinkedIn App, How to Setup Facebook App.

Once the required information is there, click the Authenticate button and authorize the connection. This will allow your App to post entries to your profile or page.

In case you are admin or you manage LinkedIn companies or Facebook pages, after you authorize the connection you will see a pop-up where you can choose one of the accounts. You can add several accounts by repeating the process from the beginning and choosing a different account.

When at least one account is connected, other options should appear on the Social Auto-Poster settings page.

General Settings

These settings allow you to set general rules and default settings for all shareable content. Default settings can be overruled per entry, such as post content, hashtags, additional text before and after.

  • Exclude categories: Don’t post an entry from these categories. Custom taxonomies are included.
  • Share Post Types: Which post types you want to share.
  • Post Content: Set default format of the content.
  • Post Hashtags: Set default hashtags of the content.
  • Additional text (before): Add text to the beginning of the generated post.
  • Additional text (after): Add text to the end of the generated post.

Individual Post Settings

For every selected post type in General Settings, you’ll see a Social Snap Auto-Poster section in the Publish box on your post writing screen each time you write a new post.

Publish the post as usual (also works with Scheduled Posts), and you’ll see it show up on the accounts you enabled. If you want to opt out from any of the configured accounts for a specific post, you can disable accounts where do not want to share that post to before the post gets published.

Additional set of options should appear in the Social Snap Options Metabox when you’re editing the page. If the fields remain unaltered, the post will use default settings set in Social Snap » Settings » Social Auto-Poster.

Gutenberg users can find the settings under Extended Settings » Social Snap Boost Old Posts.

Activity Log

The activity log is located in the Live Preview section of the Social Snap » Settings » Social Auto-Poster settings page. It displays all activities by Social Auto-Poster Addon. You can see the publishing history and statuses of previously shared posts. The activity log is useful to keep track which posts were shared. If any problem occurred, error details will be displayed in the activity log.


Having trouble? Follow these steps to make sure everything is setup correctly before posting a support request:

  1. Check that your App / Client IDs or keys are correct
  2. Check the Activity Log for any error messages
  3. Submit a support ticket so we can troubleshoot further
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