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# GDPR Compliance

Getting Started · Last updated on January 29, 2020

#What is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of regulations designed to unify data protection laws across all member states of the EU, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, and give users more rights and control over how their data is processed.

Note: This article only provides general information about GDPR. We recommend you to consult a legal counsel familiar with the GDPR regulations to review your specific use.

#Social Snap & GDPR

Once you have Social Snap installed, we recommend enabling the GDPR Compliance tools in Social Snap Settings. You can do this by going to Social Snap » Settings » Advanced » GDPR Compliance.

GDPR Compliance in Social Snap Settings

There are two options available in that section:

  • Disable User Cookies
  • Disable User Data

Disable User Cookies

Social Snap by default, stores cookies in the user’s browser that do not contain any user information. The cookie is a boolean flag (true/false) that contains information about visited pages on your site and it is used to improve the view counter accuracy.

When the Disable User Cookies option is checked, no cookies will be stored or used by Social Snap and this may cause the view counter to be inaccurate (each load will simple increase the counter).

The saved cookie name format is: socialsnap_viewed_{POST_ID} where {POST_ID} is the ID of the post that is being visited.

Note: in Lite version of Social Snap User Cookies are not stored.

Disable User Data

For networks that do not provide API for obtaining share counts, Social Snap uses a click tracking algorithm. In order to improve the share count accuracy, Social Snap stores user’s IP address.

When the Disable User Data option is checked, no data will be stored by Social Snap and this will cause the share counts to be inaccurate.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored only on your site where Social Snap is installed. We do not collect any data on our end.

Note: Social Snap does not load any external scripts or any other code that could affect the GDPR.

That’s all!

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