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# Social Snap Changelog

Getting Started · Last updated on May 10, 2023

– Improved: Security.

– Added: Translation option for follow links.
– Added: Compatibility with Bricks Builder.
– Fixed: On media buttons break image height.
– Fixed: Share hub custom colors not working.
– Fixed: “Powered By” link was enabled by default.

– Fixed: Custom query args not included in share link.
– Fixed: On media buttons add white space below image.
– Fixed: Error class not found ‘SocialSnap_Admin_Page’.
– Fixed: Twitter share popup height.
– Fixed: Parler not sharing URL.
– Fixed: Conflict with Yoast SEO – custom colors not working.

– Fixed: CLS issue with on media buttons.
– Fixed: Share Buttons – Reveal on hover animation not working.
– Fixed: Share Buttons – Custom colors not working on sticky bar and hub.
– Fixed: Floating bar not displaying when enabled.
– Fixed: Hidden Pin images showing on archive pages.

– Fixed: Custom colors for share buttons not working.

– Fixed: Showing HTML in footer.
– Fixed: Widgets styling not working.

– Fixed: Showing HTML in footer.

– Added: Line share and follow network.
– Added: Share Text option for Share Button Block.
– Added: Filter for All Networks popup.
– Fixed: Assets loading on pages not using Social Snap.

– Fixed: Cookies do not contain the “secure” attribute.
– Fixed: Posts Widget not saving changes.
– Fixed: Compatibility with “Before After Image Slider & Gallery” plugin.
– Fixed: Attachments not saving custom Social Snap settings.

– Fixed: On media buttons bug on lazy loaded images.
– Fixed: Statistics wrong data for On Media location.
– Fixed: Custom Pinterest title & description bug.
– Fixed: Bitly generating shortlinks for preview pages.
– Fixed: jQuery deprecated error.
– Fixed: Follow networks not updating username and link.

– Fixed: Google Analytics click tracking.
– Fixed: Compatibility issue – data attributes stripped.
– Improved: Click to Tweet shortcode allows HTML tags.
– Improved: Copy button auto-selecting the link.


– Added: Parler share and follow network.
– Added: MeWe share and follow network.
– Updated: Facebook and Linkedin branding – updated icons and colors to match the branding guides.
– Fixed: Follower count for Twitch.
– Fixed: Compatiblity with Twenty20 plugin.
– Fixed: Empty ID attribute appearing in popup modal.
– Fixed: Wrong Meta tags for site URL.
– Fixed: Share buttons not displaying on selected custom post type.

– Fixed: Wrong og:url tag when using plain permalinks.
– Fixed: Facebook Messenger not working.
– Fixed: Sticky bar not displaying.
– Fixed: HTML Error Duplicate ID: “ss-close-share-networks-modal”.

– Added: Disconnect Facebook Authorization for social share provider.
– Fixed: Share counts not incrementing.
– Fixed: Copy button not working and not displaying properly.

– Added: TikTok follow icon.
– Fixed: Viber and Facebook Messenger share links not working.
– Fixed: Metabox fields not displaying properly.
– Fixed: Settings panel not loading correctly.
– Fixed: Design compatibility with WordPress 5.5.

– Added: Option to display share buttons on archive pages for custom post types.
– Added: Reset share count flag.
– Fixed: All networks button not working.
– Fixed: Wrong link shared when using shortcodes.
– Improved: Security.

– Added: Option to display share buttons on archive pages.
– Added: Char count for custom Pinterest Description field.
– Improved: Icons are displayed as an SVG instead of using font.
– Improved: Compatibility with Oxygen page builder.
– Improved: Share & Follow count caching.
– Fixed: Inline buttons on archive/posts page displaying wrong title & link.
– Fixed: Inline buttons shortcode displaying on pages where buttons are disabled.
– Fixed: API calls made to networks not used on a page.
– Fixed: Click to Tweet block not displaying new lines.
– Fixed: Copy button – custom share target not working.
– Fixed: Follow buttons block displaying out of the container.
– Fixed: Quick edit for disabling share buttons in conflict with Divi Builder.
– Added: Filter for “Powered by” link.
– Added: Discord Follow network.
– Improved: Bitly API upgraded to v4.
– Improved: Share buttons shortcode can specify shared text.
– Improved: PHP Compatibility.
– Improved: Accessibility.
– Fixed: WPML Translations not working.
– Fixed: Missing ALT tag on images.
– Fixed: Follow widget not working with some page builders.
– Fixed: Bitly not working on Posts page.
– Fixed: Click to Tweet displays HTML tags.
– Fixed: Floating Sidebar and Share Hub shares wrong page.
– Fixed: Quick Edit option to disable sharing not working.
– Improved: Accessibility.
– Fixed: Upload field in metabox not working.
– Fixed: Quick Editor option to Disable share counts not working on pages.

– Added: Migration support: Social Pug – migrate settings and share counts.
– Improved: Yoast SEO compatibility.
– Improved: WooCommerce compatibility.
– Improved: WordPress Multisite.
– Improved: Print styles.
– Improved: Accessibility.
– Fixed: Revolution Slider compatibility.
– Fixed: Share Hub custom colors.
– Fixed: Click To Tweet formatting not working.
– Fixed: Minor CSS issues.
– Fixed: OG Tags not working.

– Added: Shortcode for On Media share buttons.
– Added: WPML configuration file.
– Added: Option to disable share buttons in Quick Edit.
– Fixed: Social Meta Tags not working on homepage.
– Fixed: Social Meta Tags and Yoast SEO compatibility.
– Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3
– Fixed: UTM parameters from request URL removed.
– Fixed: SMS & Viber buttons not working
– Fixed: Sticky bar adds empty bar.

– Added: TwitCount Twitter share count provider.
– Added: Migration support: MashShare – migrate settings and share counts.
– Added: Option for Pinterest Browser Extension support.
– Added: Filter to disable Statistics.
– Fixed: Sticky bar overlapping content.
– Fixed: Incorrect share counts on posts page.
– Fixed: Email share button opens a blank window.
– Fixed: Minor CSS issues.
– Fixed: Social Meta Tags duplicate tags.
– Fixed: Custom CSS generated for unused elements.
– Added: Social Warfare Click to Tweet migration.
– Fixed: On Media buttons bug with duplicate images.
– Fixed: Sticky Bar display after scroll not working.
– Fixed: Shared URL has no custom parameters.
– Fixed: Copy button bug.
– Fixed: YouTube followers.
– Fixed: Pinterest shared image not working.
– Improved: Share count recovery.
– Improved: Open Graph meta tags.
– Fixed: Total Share count not displaying.
– Fixed: Settings panel unresponsive.
– Fixed: Click to Tweet not using shortened links.
– Fixed: Multiple share pop-ups opening.
– Improved: Facebook Share counts.

– Added: Facebook Share provider option: Social Snap App, Facebook Graph, SharedCount.com.
– Added: Patreon Follow network.
– Added: Support for Facebook Messenger share for Desktop.
– Improved: Share count recovery.
– Improved: Caching and performance enhancements.
– Improved: CSS styling.
– Improved: Social Meta Tags.
– Fixed: Image duplicate appearing on AMP pages.
– Fixed: Dismissed notices always visible.
– Fixed: Share links appearing when disabled.
– Removed: Google Plus share and follow network.
– Fixed: Temporary quick fix for Facebook shares. Permanent solution to come in 1.1.5.

– Added: Floating Sidebar advanced positioning.
– Fixed: Share count recovery bug with SSL.
– Fixed: Bitly link shortener not generating links.
– Improved: Share counts caching.

– Added: Migration support: Social Warfare – migrate share counts.
– Added: Pinterest custom description for each image in media library.
– Added: Pinterest image source option for on media location.
– Added: Pinterest description source option for on media location.
– Added: Option to hide pin button for each image in media library.
– Added: Button to force refresh share counts in Social Settings » Social Sharing.
– Fixed: Share count recovery.
– Fixed: Total shares not updating.
– Fixed: Minor CSS issues.
– Improved: Security.
– Removed: Notice about NewShareCounts.

– Added: Compatibility with AMP plugins.
– Improved: SEO optimization.

– Added: Mix Share & Follow network.
– Added: Custom Pinterest Description.
– Added: Share Hub and Sticky bar options to display on posts page.
– Added: Share Hub colors.
– Added: Inline Buttons light color scheme for Label & Total Counter.
– Added: Compatibility with WordPress 5.0.
– Fixed: Compatibility with Gutenberg 4.4.0+.
– Fixed: Conflict with Pinterest pinit.js script.
– Fixed: Minor CSS issues.
– Fixed: Click to Tweet default styles.
– Fixed: On Media settings live preview.
– Removed: Notice about Stumbleupon.

– Added: Automatic follower count: YouTube.
– Added: Automatic follower count: LinkedIn.
– Improved: Migration support: Social Warfare – migrate post meta.
– Improved: SEO optimization.
– Fixed: Share count not accurate on WooCommerce shop page.
– Fixed: Social Meta Tags not accurate on shop page and static homepage.
– Fixed: Compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin.

– Added: Social Sharing buttons for WooCommerce Shop page.
– Added: Migration support: Social Warfare.
– Added: Automatic follower count: Twitch.
– Fixed: Minor PHP bugs.

– Fixed: Bitly URL shortening bug.
– Fixed: Pinterest Pinit button bug.

– Improved: Plugin performance, faster loading time.

– Added: Flipboard Share & Follow network.
– Improved: Translation/Localization files.
– Improved: Metabox fields reorganization.
– Improved: Notices system.
– Improved: Addons page.
– Fixed: Social Share Recovery bug.
– Fixed: SMS Share for iOS.

– Added: Pinterest via @username.
– Added: Custom Tweet option.
– Added: Min share count for Sticky bar.
– Added: Social Meta Tag supports videos.
– Fixed: Pinterest and Tumblr share count bug.
– Fixed: Conflict with Visual Composer Custom CSS.
– Fixed: On Media style bug.
– Fixed: Meta tags for homepage.
– Fixed: Snapchat style.
– Removed: Activation notice on License page.
– Removed: StumbleUpon network.
– Removed: NewShareCount Twitter share count provider.

– Fixed: CSS display issue with On Media Share buttons.

– Added: Custom Share Target URL option for share buttons.
– Fixed: PHP 7 Compatibility.

– Fixed: Input fields trigger in metaboxes.

– Added: GDPR Compliance options.
– Added: Placement option for total share count on inline share buttons.
– Fixed: Compatibility issues with cache plugins.
– Fixed: Minor CSS issues with Click to Tweet boxes.
– Fixed: On Media styling issues.
– Fixed: Gutenberg compatibility.

* Initial release ?

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