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# How are share counts calculated?

Features · Last updated on October 8, 2019

Share counts are a good metric for tracking how well your content is received. Getting shared across various social media platforms implies that your content brings value to readers. That’s why it’s important that those counts are represented accurately.

Social Snap has multiple levels of tracking the counts to ensure that the final number is as precise as possible. If available, it communicates with social network’s API and fetches the share counts. The plugin relies heavily on data provided from social networks. To get even more accurate, Social Snap can also track how users interact with your pages and use that to update the count data.

Share counts are stored and cached. The data gets refreshed with different rates depending on post age.

– New posts that are less than 1 day old are refreshed hourly.
– Posts that are up to 5 days old are refreshed every 6 hours.
– All other posts are refreshed once in 5 days.

Share counts can be manually refreshed with the “Force Refresh Now” button in “Social Snap » Settings » Social Sharing » Manage Networks”. This will refresh the counts site-wide.

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